Where you at???

I've been super duper MIA. Sorry. I'm still having a hard time adjusting to my new schedule and weekly tasks. Since I left Branders,I hardly get enough sleep. I'm so busy with work, buying merchandise, taking pictures of it and busy with my new hobby---the art of make-up! Been watching a lot of youtube tutorials lately and it really inspired me to try and do it myself. I purchased a new brush set and I was excited to finally get my ebay orders last weekend!!!

Here's my new loot:

Sorry if the photo sucks. Heee. Anyhow, this is the summary of what I bought:

Ellana make-up primer - works wonders! It serves as a primer and make-up remover. Thanks Aimee Tan!:)
Mac matte foundation & powder - I use it to set my make-up after liquid foundation and concealer. I love it!
Covergirl Trublend Whipped Foundation in Classic tan - looks chocolatey but when applied it feels silky smooth and just blends with any skintone.
Chanel quad eyeshadow in beiges - I love the color of this palette. Just perfect for summer.
Giorgio Armani set - it has 10 eyeshadow colors, 3 lipgloss and 2 blushes. Again it's mostly beige, browns and blacks.
MAC blushes - in 04 and 08 (shade is pink and peach)
Styli-style flat eyeliner pencil
Ultima II lipstick in Poppy Red - shade is maroonish red
Wet & Wild Innocent Pink Shine- shade is subtle pink

I've been experimenting with my new buys for days now. And I think I'm getting better everyday! :) Well, I guess I am or why would my sister volunteer herself for me to do her make-up on her wedding day right? Haha! At least she can cross that off her expenditure list. :P

I have just started with my make-up obsession. I still have lots in my mind that I want to buy. But I'm saving up for this---

They are very much like the Coastal Scents palettes. I was told that they perform just the same. And they're very pigmented. So there, I'm sold. :) I promise Mich, after I get this I'm done splurging on make-ups.

AND I found an effective and inexpensive way to clean our make-up brushes. Extra virgin olive oil + dishwashing liquid + glass + dry your brushes upside down = clean & soft brushes! Thanks Michelle Phan! :)

And this is me-- after playing with my new toys:

(Theme: Silver, Gray, Black)

More coming soon! :)


  1. amazingg buys! : )

  2. Thanks priincess and thanks nicole!:)

  3. thanks for the tip on how to clean the brushes! :) Cool stash by the way! :)

  4. you;re very much welcome dear!:) And thanks!:)


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