I thank you

No more Branders! Wooohooo! And I'm really starting to enjoy working from home. I dunno how I'd feel after a year but for now, I'm feeling a-okay. My online business is also starting to kick off. So, thank you Lord. Hope this is the start of a more fruitful year.

It was my last day at Branders today. How do I feel? Half happy and half sad. I'm sooo happy I'd finally have the time to do things I want to do. And I'm happy to realize that there is a better life than a regular 9-5 job. Or in my case 4 am - 1pm job. I'm happy I was finally able to breakaway from people who's purpose in the world is trample upon others and make others miserable. And I'm happy I will be able to just work at home in my underwear. Haha!

But I'm sad--over friends I will not be able to see anymore. Aiza, Lily and Kathy I'll miss you. Thanks for hearing me out always, for the advices, the cheers and the love. I will really miss the Aiza-Aisa tandem. The comedy bar like hirits. The chismisan times. Thank you for the vote of confidence--always. You might think we'd never see each other anymore. Pero hinde!!! Susugurin ko kau sa mga bahay nio. Lalo ka na Aiza. hahaha! Si Kathy veteran na sha sa gawain naming yun. Haha.

So there, I sincerely wish we all succeed in whatever we all do. And I'll support you guys all the way for the rest of our lives! :) See you soon! And thank you Branders for being a great source of our travel funds. :)

Aiza, despedida ha! By invite only. Haha!

Mabuhay ang Row 4. :)

And here's a quotable quote for my favorite pepes este! peeps in Branders...

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