Beauty Loot: more Make-up!

I have sooo much to blog. Haha. I missed blogging. I've been always out the past few weeks.
Anyway, here's my new beauty buys.

1. MAC pencil eyeliner - bought in Rustans, Shangrila. Easy to use and it leaves much color in one stroke.

2. Maybelline Powder Foundation (Tan) - can be used with a dry or wet sponge.
3. Fashion 21 eyeshadow trio - buy in Watsons.
4. Maybelline Plum eyeshadow
5. Maybelline cooling eyeliner in Ice Princess - shade is pinkish silver.

I bought the Maybelline ones from last Weekend's bazaar in Eastwood. :) I'll buy a liquid liner next (my Revlon liner has run out, boohoo).

Share: What make-up brands do you use?

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