Food Adventures: Japan and India!

Teriyaki Boy may be overrated but I still enjoy dining there. Well, I am not a big big fan. I'd rather eat at Omakase (but there's always a waiting line and they have a weird schedule), but to satisfy my Japanese food cravings--this will surely do.

Here we are at Teriyaki Boy, Gateway Cubao.

Mich's philly steak maki and our tempura. Yum.

My bento box (kani salad, chicken teriyaki, coffee jelly). Yes, I eat a lot.

I'm obssessed with Kani salads. I think it's the best salad ever invented. I've tried and tasted a LOT of kani salads and my favorite is still from Pepper Lunch! I don't know why but it's super tasty and pleases my palette (even if it's served in a plastic cup).

Then, our taste buds shifted and traveled down south. We finally decided to try Indian cuisine. So we went to Podium and tried the authentic Indian resto there: NEW BOMBAY. I admit I was not that excited. The closest I could ever be to eating Indian food is through my favorite Chicken Curry.

It was full when we got there. As you can see in the photo, the diners are mostly Indians. It just proves how authentic the food is. There were also people waiting for tables.

I love the tables. And the cooks/chefs are Indian too!

How to eat Paper with lentil soup. Just dunk dunk dunk!

We shouldn't have ordered extra lentil soup. It was too much. It's the one at the far left. I don't really like it. It tastes like cornick (deep fried corn kernels) and I don't like cornick. But I really loved the 2 soups/dip served with the Paper (that thin long rolled bread) though. The orange and green one in the photo--it's yummy! The Paper was not heavy so I was still hungry when we finished it off--that's why we ordered Chicken Biryani. It's a long grain rice topping with chicken curry. And I swear I died after the 1st bite. Chicken Curry is my favorite food and this is the ancestor. It was divine. :)

I would love to eat this now. Now I'm craving. :c And don't forget to tell the server how hot you want your food to be. My tolerance for spicy foods is high, but just to be safe we just chose medium hot. And it was just perfect.

We then ordered 2 much thicker bread called Naan for take-out. It's almost the same with pita breads. And I ate/matched it with everything! Haha.

Overall, it was a pleasant food adventure. Now my stomach's going jurassic. I want another Indian cuisine fix! :)


  1. yummm.. i wanna try out the other stuff. try kaya natin din yung persian cuisine? feeling ko masarap.


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