Fashion Loots: What's up Doc?

Told ya I have a lot to blog about. Lol. Well, I just wanted to share with you my newest craze/obssession and some things in between.

I've been obssessing over finding Doc Martens 8 hole boots for weeks now. I raked 7 malls in 2 days just to look for it or something similar to it. I even called Doc Marten's main office just to ask. I discovered they already pulled out from most malls. The last store standing is in Robinsons Pioneer and the only 8 eye/hole boots they have is in Gold and Silver. Um, no thanks. I found a similar one from Charles and Keith but unfortunately they ran out of size 7--yes, all of their branches. My heart sank. So I accepted the fact that I might have to order online.

Then last Thursday I went to a thrift shop near our house to look for cover-ups. I wasn't even thinking about the boots anymore. Then on the top of their shoe rack I saw my pot of gold! Boots!!! I immediately checked it out and when I found out it's DMs-- in very good condition and my size--I really said out loud "Thank you Lord!". I wanted to hug the ate there. I know, I'm crazy. :P

Now, I'm thinking of buying a white or vintage red one.

While I was sailing the 7 seas of shopping, I wasn't able to contain myself. I got myself a new gray wedge from Primadonna. It's the same style with what I'm wearing in the photo below:


Bought these at Fullybooked Gateway mega sale. Almost 70% off!

Yes, I love reading. I was a member of Book Lover's club when I was in HS. I just finished The Eyewitness (the story is about Soviet war + mafia + secret world of prostitution) and now I'm into The Alexandria Link (story is similar to Da Vinci but instead of the Holy Grail, they're looking for a missing ancient library).

Bib necklace and earrings from Eastwood bazaar. Headband from Accessorize.

Don't you just love the anchor earrings? :)

Can't wait to wear them to the beach this long weekend! We're going on a trip to La Union. Yey, Surf's up! :)

I know a lot of you might already have plans this weekend, but I hope we don't forget what's really important. And that is to pray, repent and say thanks to our Lord Jesus for all the blessings and His sacrifices. Happy Holy Week. :)


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