Whatever Resolutions

I hate resolutions. I think it's just an uneffective way for people to feel good about the coming year and themselves. Or maybe because I have never kept one. I would rather build goals and work towards achieving them. Or maybe I could just compose a bucket list. At least I won't have to box my goals in just one year. And if by any chance--a fat chance--you miss and fail and stumble as you try to achieve them you'd never hear yourself say, "I'm so over it! I'd just try again next year".

So instead of caving into the pressure just focus on taking that leap or that one tiny step to achieving your goal. Don't give yourself a deadline. But also avoid slacking too much. Coz the world turns unbelievably fast and days pass faster than a bullet train--you might have a hard time catching up.

Here are my mini personal plans which I'll start working on this year:

1.) Fashion School - Catch and I are planning to enroll in SoFa's crash course program in--fashion styling (for him) and I--still haven't decided yet.

For Catch, check these out:


I also read that Slim's or St. Benilde are good fashion design schools.

2.) Marketing Conference or Seminars - I would like to attend more conferences and seminars this year just to expand my network. Marketing is a gold mine.

3.) Go back to school and learn more - I'm still doing an elimination process of the courses I would like to take up.

4.) Look for a home based job - so I could finally work on my online store full time. For the meantime, my night shift job will do. Heehee.

5.) Push my plan of designing clothes and putting them into production. - now I should really go and visit Divisoria.

6.) Be more active selling vintage clothes online- I've been super busy the last few months I've totally neglected my Back2Vintage store. I miss it and soon I'll be back with more fabulous clothes! If only I could find the time to buy more stocks, have it altered or redone and take pictures and post. Argh.

7.) Buy a laptop - it's easier to get things done if I have my own.

8.) Travel more - my target places for this year is Palawan, Camiguin or Caramoan. I would also love to revisit Thailand and visit Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia. So help me God!:)

9.) Throw a birthday bash - and not just anywhere. My last big bash was my 18th birthday at a club in Timog. Haha. I'll think of a cool place. And it's by invite only!

10.) Shop more - just because I know I can't shop less. :P

My bucket list is up next. ;)


  1. im thinking of taking two courses -one is fashion styling and the other is visual merchandising.. just in case i fail in one, may back up ako.. hahahahaha... are the other schools cheaper ba than sofa's 15k workshop???

  2. parang mas cheaper yung fashion institute. Did you check? Parang eh. There's always clothing tech in UP basically the same courses din. Ok kaya dun?


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