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The new year might give new hope, new beginnings, new whatevers. But one thing I'm quite sure is that it doesn't fail to bring more work. Haha. New targets, new strategies, new goals, new plans--thus equating to more work. I've been meeting with my boss and each time I leave his office I bring with me a list of new tasks to accomplish. Not that I'm complaining. I'm lucky enough to even have a job. One that could sustain my leisures in life. well--barely. I'm trying to double up my enthusiasm though.

Anyway yesterday, we started going to the gym. It's Mich's resolution--for us to be healthier this year. She wanted to tone her body and take up Aikido and I just wanted to gain weight. Wish me luck. Coz I've always been the person to eat a whole cow and not gain a single pound. Now my muscles are aching. I hope this is because the program is effective.

I do love my new gym shoes though! As you know--I've never been a sneakers/rubbershoes kind of girl (except during our HS cheerleading days). So this is kinda new to me. and I'm kinda liking it. :)

What I love about it is the silver/white cute combi (super cute with shorts!) and it's extremely lightweight. And the bestest thing was--this was on super sale!!! I just love love love January clearance sale events. Original price was P4K+. Markdown price on orange tag was P2,025. But when cashier scanned it the price dropped further to P1700. Sweeeeet. :)

Now, if only I could push myself to not be lazy and shave my armpits--then I could wear those cute tanktops over at the gym instead of those lousy shirts. Argh.


  1. Hi Jihan! Thanks for the visit--and the comment!:) And I do love your blogs! Hope to see more of you here. Expect to see more of me on your blog!:) Mwah.


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