Beach Madness

I'll be going to Boracay on February--twice. Thank God for promo fares again! Hehe. And no, I'm not addicted to the beach or Boracay (I loved Potipot more). The trip is for my HS friend's homecoming and the other with my family.

So because of this I decided to update my swimwears. My old ones had been used numerous times and I want something fresh. So yesterday I dragged Mich to Megamall. I was able to buy some nice ones from Sassa.

Total wallet damage is P999.something. Not bad for 2 pairs. I was thinking of pairing the tankini with my extra bikinis. I love that it's only P600+. I love the colors. And I love that it has pads. I can't ever wear swimsuits without pads.

I'd buy maybe 2 more pairs on our next payday. I'm already eyeing on a zebra print bandeau bikini from Nafnaf and a Speedo type 2-pc bikini/Ruffled polka one from Freeway. All are under P1K. In multiply most swimsuits are priced above P1K. Just scout the nearest mall for good bargains. Oooh, I'd go to Preview in Eastwood next. Last time I checked they have a pretty collection. ;)

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  1. actually, you didn't have to drag me. dude, you were fitting bikinis!! BIKINIS!! who needs to be forced into anything? mehehehe


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