The 4 year old teenager

I have a cousin named Therese. And just like what Mich said, you won't believe the words coming out of her mouth. And she's only 3 years old. The cutest EVER. I always tease her coz she acts "maton". Her playmates are mostly boys. She screams and laugh and eats a LOT. She's smart but then acts sanga (as in tanga). Just like me. Right, a walking mini-me. :P The little girl in the pictures below is her:

... hmmm we do have the same bangs! Scroll down below for some of our conversations:

Aisa: Therese, Come dito... kiss mo ate. Bat ang payat mo na ha! Cguro play ka ng play.
Therese: Eh kc nagfifit and right ako eh!

O db, bata palang conscious na sa figure. My aunt told us that she got tired of hiding all her fit & right juices at the back of their refrigerator coz she still manages to get them!
(Mich washed her hands in the bathroom, Therese followed her and came out wet)
Aisa: Therese hala nagbasa ka na! Bat ka ba nagbasa?!
Eh gusto ko eh, bat ka pa ba nagtatanong?!

aba'y oo nga naman eh gusto nga naman nia eh.
(In the car on our way to 6th avenue from their house Therese and her sister is fighting because she doesn't want to go home. She wanted to stay at my Lola's house in 6th ave.)
Therese uwi na tayo sa 14th.
Therese: Eh ayoko nga eh.
Sabi ni Mommy Car (their mom's sister whom they also call mommy) sa 6th daw ako eh!
Aisa: Eh baby wala naman Mommy car din dun. Wala kang mommy dun.
Therese: Hmm eeeeh d iiiikaw nalang! (sabay smile na pacharming)
Ikaw Therese ang kulit mo sana d ka namin kapatid!
Therese: Talaga! Eh d wag! (umaakting na sasapakin si Chesca)
Chesca: Ah talaga?! Cge cge subukan mo! Ang liit liit mo eh. D ka ba natatakot sakin ah?!
Therese: Eh! (umaarte pa ring sasapakin si Chesca)
Chesca: O cge tagal..tagal..lika dito!
Therese: TAGAL! TAGAL! TAGAL---naman makadating ng bahay.

(Therese in her salbabida at a beach in Batangas)
Therese: Ate Mich magswim ako papunta sau!
(Mich stretches her arms waiting for Therese to swim to her)
Therese: Ate Mich lapit ka dito!

(Mich lumapit naman)
Therese: Galing ko noh yey!

... wow. Haha.
(At the beach we saw a little girl also about 3 yrs.old walking on the shore with her Dad. She has the same hair & bangs as Therese.)
Aisa: Therese friend mo oh!
Therese: HIIII!!!
(the lil girl waves also)
(After a few minutes)
Aisa: Therese kamukha mo yung baby oh, kapatid mo oh.
Therese: (runs frantically towards the lil girl and his dad screaming...) KAPATIIID!!!
(The girl got scared and hid at his dad's back and Therese just stood in front of them looking at her, weird lang haha).
(On our way back to the house from the beach, Therese is sitting at the back of my Aunt's Revo) Therese: (suddenly shouts) Tito Neng! Yung pinto!!!
Tito Neng: Oo sinara ko!

Therese: Hindeeeeee! Buksan mo!!!

...we laughed so hard coz she wanted my uncle to open the door of a moving vehicle. Hahaha!!!

(While we were all swooning over the 3 year old son of the owner of the house, ultimate cuteness too! He only speaks English and French)
Aisa: Therese say hi oh. Friend oh. Yiheeee.

Therese: Hello! Lika swim tayo!

Aisa and others: Therese english dapat ano ka ba.

(So after a few minutes he also jumps in the pool with us)
Aisa: Therese call mo sha dali "come here!"
(Eh bigla ako kinausap ng d ko maalala kung sino nasabi ko ng malakas "Come where?!) Therese: (calling the lil boy) Hey friend! Come where! Come where! (na dapat "come here" mga 1 million times niya inulit ulit)

(Therese playing with a plastic cup in the pool, acting as if she's in the bathroom taking a bath)
Therese: (nairita sa liit ng plastic cup) Wala bang tabo?!
Mich: Walang tabo dito.
Therese: Ate Mich dito ka lang wag ka aalis papaliguan kita.
(And so she scoops some water and poured 'em over Mich head)

Mich: (tinakasan si Therese) Swim lang ako ah.
Therese: Ate Mich Ate Mich halika dito papaliguan kita!
(Since d nia mauto si Mich ako ang nakita nia)

Therese: Ate Aisa clean ko yung hands mo chaka feet.
Aisa: Okay cge dali.
Therese: (while cleaning my hands with water) Dapat palaging clean yung hands mo para d mapasukan ng germs. (wow may future ha!)

Last Saturday at my Grandma's house in Q.C (at 6th Ave)
Kikoy: (Therese's big bro) Ikaw Therese lika nga dito sasapakin kita eh!
Therese: Hindot ka hindot!!!!!!!!!!

...hahaha, what's hindot?

At the department store while they're shopping for school supplies since Nursery na sha.

Therese: Maaaa--buy moko ng ano (umaarte na may nakasabit sa leeg)
Tita: Ano yun baby? Aaaahh--stethoscope? Bakit?
Therese: Eh kc... NURSEry nako eh!
..... cuuute.


  1. nakakatawa to. bumenta sakin,exactly the same ng pamangkin ko. ang mga bata ngayon nasobrahan sa gatas ;))

  2. I know right? And grabe yung mga expressions na nila kala mo dalaga at binata na. hahahaha. Thanks for the comment!:)


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