What's going on?

I have a major dilemma. And it's--To vote or not to vote. I will feel uberly irresponsible if I just let it go. 'Coz this was the scene in Comelec, Marikina yesterday--palengke. And I don't think it will improve in the coming days. 2 days to go before deadline. And people (just like me) love deadlines.

We got there at around 1 pm. And I heard someone say they already stopped giving away application forms and numbers before lunch. So I tried looking for someone to talk to or confirm at least. We looked like some lost kid. I spoke with someone in their office and I was told to come back the next day and fall in line at 5am. Seriously?! I got super stressed I dragged Mich to the nearest thrift shop. Haha.
I know I should have processed the reactivation of my voter's reg before pa.. Oh well. Sucks.

This is totally unrelated to my post but-- I remember myself saying I would never be caught dead wearing boots. OH WELL.

It's for HK! And I loves it. :P

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