What's New-- my hair!!!

Here's a follow-up to my digital perm post. Post perm. And no, not digital but it was still nice. After
days of researching salons where I could get a digiperm I still ended up going for the traditional method. I thought I'd try the regular perm first since I'm going to bora on Saturday and the sun + salt water might ruin my expensive digitally permed hair. And since I was on my what I want I should get ASAP as in today mode last Sunday I finally decided (with Mich's consent!) to have my hair change at Hairshaft-Podium. Aiza's sister Totee was also a big part of my decision. She had her hair permed there and it looks pretty. So off to Podium we went.
That's me with the alien-ish perming machine.

Mich said I looked like a scared kid or something.

Blow dry after the perm & treatment. The blow dryer looks weird. Heehee.

End result-- back.
...and front (cge side na din)

The process took 3 hours but it was worth it. My sore butt and tired eyes (from reading 5 magazines--5!) paid off. Aside from my hair, the free tea, iced tea and water plus the nice staff really did it. Of course, di papatalo si Mich she also availed of their hair treatment and scalp & back massage. (Hair treatment pa eh ang konti ng hair, haha). Plus we were able to ask for some discount. *Big Smile* My curls cost P1900 (vs. digiperm that would cost from P5-8K). Hair treatment package costs P2000+ (I forgot the exact amount). Not bad na din. If masira man after bora at least d super sakit sa bulsa. Digiperm's next!:) Oh and my hairstylist's name is KC (just sharing), Totee had her hair done by her cousin Bamboo who works there (he was supposed to be my hairstylist as well but he's not there, sayang). And they have a private room that anyone can use.

We went to Watson's after to buy some hair care products and then I forced her to take my pics for Chictopia. Heehee.

My buys: Nichido eyeliner in black and brown, L'oreal Purezone moisturizer, VO5 Heat defense hair conditioner, Pantene string hold mousse.

... sorry for the background jan lang may magandang lighting eh. Hehe. Segway: I love my denim jacket! D kita but it has splashes of paint as design. Mich said parang natapunan ng pintura. But that's the reason why I love it. :P

I still didn't feel like going home afterwards so we went to Eastwood. The original plan was we'd eat then drink beer somewhere. But we just ended up eating at Sizzling Pepper after which we headed home.

Mich's Fish N' Chips.

My order which I forgot but it's yummy and super many.
Their Kani salad. Tasty.

... seriously, can someone tell me what this Stop sign stands for? When you flip it over, it changes to Moo-ve. What does that mean? Hehe.

So we went home with my new hair. Haha. If I understood Miles correctly he said my hair rocks. Heehee. I look like a bruhaha but it's a change (from my dull straight hair). And finally, I was able to watch Rome & Juliet. It rocked.:)


  1. hahaha.. stop and moo-ve.. the idea is from bubba gump restaurant... it's a way of calling the servers in the restaurant..

  2. ooooohh, wala namang kwenta yun. booo.

  3. next time papaalisin ko yung waitress/waiter para magamit ko yung thing na yun! hahaha


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