I need some wicked massage

...coz I've been so busy with office work, my ebay store, buying for my ebay store, sideline work, and shopping. Haha. Seriously...it's suicide.

Like today, a buyer texted me that I sent her the wrong black dress. So I have to take back the dress (coz someone bought that already) and send her the right one. And she lives in Pampanga. It sucks more coz Air21 doesn't accept pick-ups anymore (if it's below P1K). So I'm now using JRS Express as my provincial courier. It's more expensive than Air21 and they charge a pick-up fee of P30. But they're still cheaper than other courier. So. Tiis nalang. And so lugi ako coz I have to pay for both of our shipping. Oh well. Ok lng din. At least both of my buyer's are nice.

So anyway, last Sunday I had a party at my lola's house in Cubao. Just a small gathering with my family and some friends. It was the first time naghanda ako. Hahaha! I celebrated my bday with my Tita coz it was her bday too last Aug. 19. At least menos gastos. Woohoo!

Of course since malaki nako wala ng gifts from my Titas. Boo. Someone sent me flowers and a cake though. Straight from some faraway land. :) Thank you.:)

BUT most of all I can't thank my Nunu enough. For the lovely clover necklace (you said for goodluck!You don't know? YOU are my bestest luck.*smiles wide* ) and for all the wonderful things (mostly non-material things) you keep on giving me. :) You deserve a wicked massage! I promise before this week ends.:)

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