What's In -- CHICTOPIA!

Aiza said if I'm addicted to something I stick to it the whooole day, then the next day I'm over it. Well, I have a new love (love it more than Weardrobe) that's why I wasn't able to blog for a while--well aside from the fact that we're into switching broadband and we have none right now-- it's a fashion blog called Chictopia. I just recently made my own account (after seeing it in StyleBible) and people have commented on some pictures I posted already. It makes me happy knowing some people appreciate the way I style myself (maybe inspiring others too).

I think I just got my seatmate Aiza to sign-up too. Haha. Coz if there's one thing I learned from Branders it's how to patronize social bookmarking sites. Check out one of my post here!


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