Taste test: FIGARO

...we never thought we'd be able to eat something in this coffee shop that is worth swooning for. Haaay. Dahil ang P199 na meal ay mahal na para sakin. Haha. BUT, I was suprised. The serving is huge and simot sarap yung plato ko after. And in fairness (I never thought I'd say this): SULIT.

French Salad. Dory Fish. Arrabiata.

French Salad.Pesto.Chicken
bago mag mukhang patay gutom.

PG. ayan.

Oreo cheesecake. Yum, melts in your mouth (unlike some yucky gelatin-ish cheesecakes)!

... winner pa coz you van choose the type of pasta included in the meal. (I chose pesto, Mich chose arrabiata). That's it, go to the nearest Figaro na. :)

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