Weekend Rendezvous

Mich went somewhere in Olongapo to have her monthly dose of adventure (aka umakyat ng bundok--totoong bundok Pats ha hinde dalawang bundok-ya know,haha). So I expected my Saturday to be slightly boring but I'd be over and done taking pictures of my ebay merchandise. A few minutes before leaving the office Kitin asked me if I wanted to come with them to the Fort for some wine and dine bonding with RDS friends. I said I'd try (I'm almost certain I'd be zombie like or I'd be in my regular state of weekend coma). But a some kind of miracle happened! I can't sleep! Haha. So I got up at 4pm, took a bath and headed straight to Davids Salon where Pats and Kitin are. I was happy to see them.:)

So fast forward, we met up with Ariane, Mariel, Aimee and Jen at Conti's (nanlibre si ariane! Sosyal! haha). I was really feeling positive that night and just happy coz I'dbe able to talk and laugh with these crazy girls again! A stressful ordeal had already been forgotten (you know what I mean--fedora fedora!). And the best part is I've made peace with someone (someone I really don't hate--it just happened). After dinner we went to Barcino to chismis over wine. Haha. It was akward at first (I won't lie it's not my kind of place) but everyone eased up eventually (after umalis ng anak ni Manny Villar haha--englishing eh nosebleed galore) and afterwards we had fun between catching up and over stories (mostly overdue haha). Although it would have been more fun if we just went to Starbucks for some good laughs and more stories.

So despite the mishaps (parklessnessis next to uglinessand poorness!) and burnt coffee (figuratively speaking), it felt like a truly blessed night made of smiles, laughters, stories, friendships (and new friendships). I'll see you all soon!:)

P.S. to post pics soon (calling Papi!)

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