It's Fiesta Time!

...at 6th Avenue Cubao every last Sunday of June. So as tradition we went there again for some celebration! It was not fun as before but I'm still glad I got to see my friends. And my good friend Rachelle was there too! (we miss you)

...BUT before going there we first passed by Gateway to buy wine (they're not into Red Horse anymore!). I love this wine store under the escalator in Gateway near the exit (Starbucks side). The wines are grouped according to their prices. And the sales girl is nice and helpful (gave us free paper bag! I think she has a crush on Mich haha). Clint and Dong finished the whole bottle (I think). As always. :P

Jeng. Rachelle. Mich

... we spent hours waiting for our turn to get hold of the mic at Ate Lai's place (grabe kc sa pila OA! weh) so in between waiting I took their pic. :) I've never seen this much enthusiasm in singing (haha) of talented and feeling talented people. Peace! :P As in isang tao 8 songs na sunod sunod naka queue?! Unbelievable! Haha. But it was still so much fun. I also have this video of all of us singing to In the End by Linkin Park, kakatawa parang rock choir lng. Reminds me of college days in UST:P

So in summary, we were not able to sing (by the time my turn came I was not in the mood na to sing, boo), and I spent hours talking to my cousins and bestfriend outside, planning our next out of town trip. I'm sure it'd be so much fun. As always. I can't hardly wait. :)

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