Bamboo Spa

...is your regular no frills place for relaxation. Mich and I decided to try this place out when we went to Riverbanks to buy some stuffs. So we went there first to get a massage. The place is small. Of course. They only charge P360 for a 1 hour massage (compared to The Spa-but then it's THE Spa). But it's nice that a 15 minute sauna + shower is included. So I have not much to complain about. And they have baby powder (at the sink) which is just perfect to lessen the grease on my hair after the massage. Hahaha babaw db. The only exceptional thing I loved is their nice denim robe! Coz it's short and may shorts underneath. :P Haha. It's zeexy. I love it. :P

the lobby. wala lang. Haha.

On way to smile-dom peor d umabot yung camera so ayan nagmukha akong nang-se2duce. Haha. The lion hair daw to.

putting baby powder on my hair. Half ata naconsume ko.

... so ayun na nga..haha... the massage room is just one common room. There's a private area in the common room though (there's a curtain). But in fairness it's the best massage I ever had! Eh kasi naman it's the first time din I told the masseuse to lessen the force sa pagmassage. Hello wala akong fats! So straight to the bones ang force! Eh pwede naman pala noh? Haha. So there, we'll try Marikina Garden Spa next. Kitz tara! We went to Riverbanks mall afterwards to eat and do grocery shopping--and then some in between. Haha.

how cute is this nigger baby?! anak ko lng. Haha.

Lunch at Johnny's fried chicken. I swear it tastes like Max!

for P140. Yums.

In between shopping at F&H outlet store.

the little black dress I bought for P400 (half the price!). It's knit and the fit is perfect (I got a smaller size, the one i'm wearing there is a medium).

... we went grocery shopping afterwards. And finally we were able to publicly go green! Haha.

let's lessen our usage of plastic!

... it didn't fit in the bag. Haha. Next time we're gonna bring a larger bag. Boo.

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