You're the Cutest!

Sometimes napapaisip ako if gf ba meron ako or toy (as laruan hindi yung paglalaruan). Sometimes I just want to pinch your chubby cheeks to death kc ang cute cute cute mo! Your reactions (na parang baby minsan), your katangahan (in a cute way), your expressions, aaaaaaaaaaaaaah lika dito kukurutin kita!!!

I super love it whenever I try to give you my death stare (eyes super squinting + tight lips) and then you super squint your eyes too. That always make me giggle. Heeehee. And when you try to steal some more sleep when you're waiting for me to finish dressing up before going to work. Heeee. And when I tell you to "Wag ka chumever chever dun ha! (meaning mang chicks)", you'll answer back "Um, Chechever chever!". Haha! And when you try to act cool kahit super mushy mo pa din. :P Eeeeeee, you're the cutest.

O tinitignan kita, mukha ka na namang batang lost. Ayun nagpu2ppy face pa. I love you.:)

Squish, squish!!!:P

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