Last Sunday my sister, her bf, Mich and my mom satisfied our itching feet. It was fuuuuuun. :)

Our first stop --
CONVERSE Outlet Store! Clue: It is just near our house (I'm selfish so I wouldn't tell you where to find it, haha!). This is actually their factory which they open to the public during their monthly factory sale.

Converse factory entrance

Everybody Love Chucks! (there was really something like that written on top of that tarpaulin)

My mom and me waiting for my sister to finish window shopping

Mich checking something in the box??? What the?

Mich, Miles (which looks like Lex Luther!)and Tricia

My mom taking some pictures of the merchandise. Haha.

My sister and Miles checking out some tie-less sneakers. Cute.

We didn't buy anything. Haha!

Our 2nd stop -- SM-Cubao (my sister wanted to buy some office clothes and she's so oveeeeer Sta.Lu and Rob-Metroeast, Haha). Anyway, SM is being renovated (Yey it's about time!). So of course the first area I scouted is the shoe section. Haha. Do you still have Converse fever? Check thiiiis out!

Cute vintage design, it says 1951, it commemorates how these shoes were used years ago (and that's basketball!), and it has this awesome rip effect!

The new shoe collection of SM looks fab (though not so much when worn). The strappy shoes would have looked nicer if it was closed instead of open-toe. I would have bought a pair. I'm still thinking of that purple fringe bag. Must find one in Thailand.

I tried on the tan fringe shoes below which Mich fondly called -- Pocahontas Heels.

Tempted as I am to buy clothes, Mich kept on reminding me that we are heading to one of Asia's shopping capitals in just a few days. So I just stopped walking and locked myself up in the dressing room (just kiddin'). Well I just tailed my Mom as she went around looking for the perfect dress to wear for my Grandma's 85th b-day on the 15th in Bacolod. And she did!

I forgot the brand but the color is perfect on her, same goes with the cut. She wants to have it repaired though coz she can't stand the halter effect (chokes her she said--she's afraid she'd faint in the middle of the party). I was doing great in controlling my urge to splurge BUT then I remembered how pathetic my face powder looks like (imagine broken container with rubber band holding it together and a sponge blocking off a broken clear glass so the powder won't make a mess in my bag). I've also been using my blush for more than a year (that's a no-no). And so I got myself a new powder and a new blush! I'm inlove! I promise to start investing on good make-ups from now!

My new buys - Loreal True Match Super Blendable Powder W4 (this shade's perfect for morenas! Comes with a sponge and mirror. P895 but got this on sale for P675) + In2It Long-wearing Blush (shade: temptation -- also perfect for morenas! P225)

So now, I'm saying goodbye to my fondness to San-San powders (they're out of stock always anyway). While waiting for me to finish looking at make-ups, I present to you my mom (getting herself an application sample of a liquid eyeliner by the nice sales girl from In2It).

...feel na feel nia lang. Haha!!!

Our 3rd and last stop -- GATEWAY! We're all hungry monsters when we got here so we headed straight to the Food Court (since we prefer different foods). My mom ordered from Reyes Barbecue, Mich and I ordered from Steak Escape and Jumbo Japs and my sister and Miles ordered from somewhere haha. I am now addicted to Jumbo Japs! It's 10x better than Tokyo2!

I love their Kani Salad (P69), their California Maki (P80), and their Crunch Tuna maki (P75).

Oh and here's something cute-- a pianist-less grand Piano. It's playing on it's own! Haha! Looks kinda spooky to me.

After eating my sister resumed shopping and Mich, Mom and I went to the Manhattan Square Gardens showroom (Mich is apartment/townhouse/condo/house hunting!). We love how the units are decorated so I took some pictures:

The agent was also very nice and helpful. And most of all not pushy! :) If there's anyone who has the money to spend invest on this! The place is amazing (when it's finally complete--2011-2014). Their 2BR unit is P50K+/month for 5 years. 1 BR is P27K/month. 0%, No DP. I forgot how much the studio unit cost though. Oh- if I only have the moolah!

So on our way to the parking lot we passed by Breadtalk and yeah--Mich raped some bread once again! Hahaha! So here we are with our food takeouts.

Tell me--why am I still underweight?!

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