After days and days of delaying (because I was too scared to watch it coz I might really drown into depression) I finally got to watch Schindler's List. I love how it portrayed without bias Germany/Poland during WWII. How it nonchalantly displayed the cruelty of the Nazis and the absolute compassion and love of others for those in dire need. It showed how one industrialist German, Oskar Schindler, who is in the Nazi party made a difference in saving a lot of people's lives (by employing Jews in his factory, protecting them everytime) even if it meant risking his own. I found out he spent 4 million paying every name on his list. I also loved the blonde lil girl in red! The cutest. Too bad she died in the film (which was also one of the movie's turning points).

After the movie I went into my researcher mode again digging infos about some characters who played a role in the Great Depression. I discovered that there were actually a lot of people who risked their lives saving others. Some were killed, some made it. Some gave free passports to fleeing Jews for free. Some helped falsify their documents so people can escape. Some (even if their brothers or relatives are high ranking SS officers) tried to live by their conscience and secretly performed anti-fascist deeds to save some lives. Some who were directly involved with the government and have positions also did some underground works to help expose the gruesome truth that time.

In the end, goodness still prevailed! That is after 6 million people died. Oh well. :c


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