...it's because I feel that I don't show her how thankful I am to have her and be with her. She nearly broke up with me in a bus. Hahaha! Well she took it back after I nearly cried saying she was not serious but I think she really was. :P Anyway, since I wanted to make it up to her so I surprised her. :) (a small act compared to her effort of traveling from the office to her apartment to Marikina just so i wouldn't have to walk by myself or travel alone going to the office). Here's Mich with her Smores choco cake (it's super yummy, our new fave!):

(layers of chocolate, graham and marshmallow, yuuum)


... more surprises to come. I am getting there. If you know what I mean. Yipee!

(Wearing: Baro Manila oversized sleeves top, ate-kuya shoes!)

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