Taste Test: Red Mango

So yesterday we went to Mega to buy freebies, labeling and packaging shits for my online store. Afterwards, we went to Breadtalk to buy these:

(Mich: nag foo2d tasting ka lang eh! Ako naman uubos nian!)

...I don't know what they're called but we had a great time walking around picking up breads to buy.

So, beside Breadtalk is Red Mango. It's an all dessert store--yogurt, waffles, smoothies. We ordered a medium sized original yogurt ice cream with kiwi and mango (P145). You can also choose their green tea frozen yogurt. Or a combination of both. But we opted for the original. Anyway, it is very addicting. Yogurt heaven.:)

... ain't your mouth drooling yet?

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  1. ay naku. nasayahan lang si ipac mag pili ng bread.. pangarap kasi nya maging food taster. kaya taste lang sha ng taste. ako naman pinaubos nya sa lahat (except for the yoghurt - onti lang nakain ko ata nun. takaw lang.) heee. love you!


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