on Happy Pills and then some...

Besides Ebay, Multiply and shopping, I do have other things on my Happy Pill list...Happy Pill- v. a strange act wherein one seems high on something thus resulting to excessive grining, smiling or laughing (even after being rundown by a thousand year old stroller).

1) Mango Crepe - this is why I love Banchetto day!

2)Bacon & egg sandwich from Tapatouille - for only P50 and it comes with potato chips. Yum yum. I'd be happy to die from cholesterol for a lifetime supply of this.

3) DQ Sandwich - Vanilla icecream sandwiched between chocolate biscuits. From Dairy Queen, P35 each. I will never get tired of eating this.

* nagaadik

4)Book Sale - I could just get lost inside this store ALL DAY..finding a good book bargain.

5) Arcade - Timezone, worlds of fun, name it. I have just rediscovered my childhood.

6) DVDs - I just love crashing on our couch. And newly rented or purchased DVDs make me ecstatic.

7) Vacations- come on... who doesn't? Out of town or out of the country? Doesn't matter as long as I'm out of the office!!!

8) Mexican and Thai foods - ok, so they're officially my fave. I came into that conclusion when I noticed how often I drag people (named Cheeks) to try and shove burritos or bagoong rice in their throats. I love love love spicey foods.
* at Oodys Greenbelt last Sunday, dinner with Mich and my HS (and college) friends Cecille and Gsel. I super missed them. Let's do this more often. Ahhh, good vibes. :) May social life ka na Gsel ha. haha

9) Spa - Now I want to go back to Callospa. Argh.

10) Moolah stashed in your jeans or shorts - just when you thought you can't wait til next payday, voila! you find some bills in your jean pocket or shorts. Jackpot lng. Haha.

Mich reminded me of my ultimate happy pill... HELLO PANDA!!!
..what's yours?:P

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