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...we shopped till my head got all heavy and I nearly fainted from hunger. While waiting for M to finish with her meet-up, I browsed through numeorus racks in SM department store. When she got back I already have a dress (cute swimsuit cover-up) in my hand. It's super cute. Will post pic soon. Well, here it is!

* for P499.00. Pwede na din... Cute colors naman.:P

So I also searched for a nice pair of slippers (yung tig P89.75 lng duh, I miss Dupe!) just something I'd use in our apartment. So.... afterwards we got up one floor and I ended up trying on 9 pieces of clothing. Crazy haha. So I ended up buying 1 pair of slippers, 1 dress, 1 skirt (which I love love love! It looks like some kind of piece of art), and 1 shirt.

* P499.00 skirt.

M bought a pair of pants and plaid shorts (which I picked out for her!). I'm excited. Sloooow transition. I promise!:P Our next buy~~new pair of slippers and VANS. Oh and we were able to buy storage stackable cabinet. Whatever. My clothes are resting in peace in paperbags. Hello savings! *hopeful*

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