What Made My Day: Row 4 style!

So, I have been looking forward to this day. Beacuse it's NUI day!!! Hahaha! When I saw the package (a bulky one!) on the bed I immediately scampered for the scissors and tore it open. Anne's swimsuits look cute! And I love the dress I bought. There's 1 missing dress but it's taken care of, I already texted Che and she said she'll check. Our purchases were all on Sale, so we're really happy. Haha! Here's what I bought:

...for only P600! (for the 2 dresses) :) Vian bought 3 dresses for P900. And Aiza, a nice silk colorblock dress for P600. :) Loves!

Mabuhay ang tropang bankrupt, makaporma lang!


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