The New Brunch Roadster Gang

Last Saturday morning, some of the solid solvent gang had a little field trip to some sunny place called Tagaytay. Vian wanted to discover the high roads to that little sunny place, so she asked us if we want to tag along. And we did. Coz we are some kaladkarin folks. So approximately 6-7, Marlon, Vian, Anne, Mich and I, were all in Vian's killer car (coz it's pretty and when she took the wheel I swear Mich looked like she's praying) on the highway all tired/excited/sleepy/hungry. I was excited for our stop-over. Stopovers during roadtrips are my fave! Don't ask me why, coz I also have no freaking idea why. SO.....since we're all a lil hungry, we ate those yummylicious Jamaican thing. Vian distributed some shades (since Mich and I didn't bring any) and we all got ready for our first roadtrip pics together. Lovely.

So Vian took over and was the one who drove until Tagaytay. Didn't know how we got there coz I dozed off. So we first went to Picnic Grove. Maron and Anne tried the "Zipline" where the manongs threw them "superman style" in ther respective harness, they placed some kinda heavy object above Anne's harness so it'd balance off Marlon's weight. And off they went. I was their official photo/videographer. Heehee. Some korean guys had their pictures taken as they did their signature peace sign pose (duh), then afterwards the manongs made them sungkit (sorry na d ako makaformulate ng sentence, ikaw try mo, tae). And I thought it would have been more fun and exciting if there were dinosaurs or humongous gorillas or Godzilla or killer giraffes reaching for their feet and them squealing and trying their best to finish the ride unharmed or with minor scratches (which I highly doubt).

We then went to the house of Vian's friend. There we met the snoring baby (who's super cute!)who selectively smiles and talks to boyish looking girls, a.k.a Mich. Hahaha! After eating, we then headed off to Antonio's (where Anne and Vian panicked as they shouted "Yan yung mahal! yan yung mahal!" turned out that they merged their breakfast place and their high-end resto in one venue) to eat some more! Haha. So we ordered, and it still is a lil expensive, according to my standard, but for the sake of bonding and amusement it was worth it.

Afterwards, we went straight to Anne's family's house. Where Vian did her "thing" (haha), Marlon drank, Anne drank, and Mich and I..practiced indifference towards each other some more (coz Anne's parents are not so liberal hehe). Hahaha!

We then left Anne there (with her family), and headed to Rowena's to buy some pasalubongs. And we treaded the long way home. Actually Marlon did, even if he's super sleepy. Mich and I slept and Vian just went on teasing Marlon. Hahaha.

It was fun, but Marlon forced us to agree on one thing: We will not do it again soon! Excited ka pa Marlon ha!:P

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