Wishlist Mania

Since it's Christmas (even though I don't really feel like it), I decided to write down my wishlist But I'm pretty sure I'd probably end up buying them for myself anyway. So here goes...

1.) Christian Louboutin black pumps
2.) Steve Madden flats (they have those in Rustans and the last time I checked they're on sale!)
3.) more Plaid Poloshirts/Tops - I bought a fuschia/black boyfrind shirt with semi-puff sleeves on multiply for P500 and they're gorgeous. :) I wore it with leggings (with black pumps in the office) and short shorts (running errands), I lav eeet! Have to have the red one and the yellow one.
4.) Gladiator shoes/Booties - I want it in all colors! Argh!
5.) A nice black shrunken fit blazer - I've been looking for this all my life!!! And I don't care if it's from some thrift shop somewhere! and a black cropped motorcycle jacket!
6.) Laptop - since my lil bro's basically camping in front of the pc screen everyday for 18 hours. And besides I'm almost certain our pc's gonna crash/die any time now.
7.) A new black party watch!!! - and maybe a white one too.
8.) 1 year supply of Luminare mineral concealer in caramel ( that I usually buy from beautypod in multiply) + True Match liquid concealer in Natural!
9.) A nice eyecream for my freakingly scary dark undereye circles.
10.) A lifetime supply of Smith's Rosebud Salve lip/cuticle balm - LOVES!!!
11.) a nice eyelash perm - coz my mom cut my eyelashes when I was kid hoping it'd grow longer, but it never did! Don't believe in superstitions! Or whatever that's called!
12.) A nice SPA day - anywhere, juts not Wensha. Please.
13.) Nice long cardigan - my sister saw one in Candy in Robinson Department Store.
14.) Lancome Bronzer/Blush - I can't remember what it's called but I remember it looks great on morenas. Kimy help me! I borrowed yours before! Haha!
15.) MAC eyeliner in brown - doesn't smudge and glides perfectly. Mahal lang. Hehe.
16.) LnA deep V-Neck shirt in all colors!!! Waaahhh!!! XXS pls. Hehe.
17.) Kabuki brush - there's plenty in ebay. Loves. hehe.
18.) I HATE HAVAIANAS but you can give me a pair of Gola babydoll flat shoes. Haha.
19.) SHU Uemura eyelash curler! Forever naman. :P

20.) Plane Ticket to anywhere! I need a fucking vacation!!!

And as i always say, spread peace and love!!! That's what we all need!

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