from Dubai with love

Last Saturday I met up with Algn's officemate's brother to get a package she sent. Surprise surprise! It's my new phone! :) I super love it. Well, one because it's free (freebies make me orgasmic happy! haha) and because it's thin (that's just what I want even if not's user friendly argh). Well, it's my first ever cool phone (after my ala-terminator coz wala ng casing 2100 phone before my walang kwenta sarap itapon V3). So yeah I love it. And I finally have a phone with a camera! Haha, well my V3 doesnt count coz it's camera feature sucks. Plus, I can finally save a lot of songs and pictures in it. SO..yes I'm excited. And I am certain we'd have our ups and downs (downs meaning 1 million bagsak and tilapon), well I hope we make it through many years. *PIXIE DUST!!!*

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