My fave show: The FASHIONISTA Diaries

My sister and I have been watching this new show in ETC and it's addictive! This is one of the shows that could get me glued on the TV, besides that Prison shit documentary in NGC. The storyline revolves around a group of friends who works as assistants in a PR firm, a fashion mag publication and a Cosmetics company. As each of them tries their very best to survive in the dog-eat-dog world of fashion in preparation for the world's most anitcipated fashion show: Paris Fashion Week!... they also had to deal with their own issues (which are all unsurprisingly shallow haha) But who cares? Reality TV rocks!!!

My fave character in the show is Bridget (even if she's unbelievably annoying), my sister's fave is Tina. Well, all because they wear super cute clothes! And besides, they often have cool guests like Charlotte Ronson. I love Charlotte Ronson! But yeah, I admit I only watch it to broaden my style inspirations horizon. But after a few episodes, of course unwillingly (but highly amused), I was able to follow the line of events in each character's lives. And it strongly reminded me of my "real" ('coz facing computers the whole day doesnt count) ex-merchandising job in RDS. Where everyday is like a fashion show, and everyday is a chance to prove yourself that you're worth something in the very explicitly spendid world of fashion retail. Where one mistake could break you, out of the 9 great jobs you've done and accomplished. Where yo will be able to meet different people and a chance to build strong connections and realtionships with them...of course, for future use. Haha. I love it.

I spoke with my sister a few days before and she mentioned something about the show being cancelled OR their timeslot moved. Well I've missed last week's episode. I'd probably just google the ending or whatever. So, you couch potato out there, if ever you come across this show as you conduct your regular channel surfing, pls. let me know. Loves!

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