Owrk Wrok Kowr WORK!!!

I made a poem out of boredom.
Here goes..


I am at work.
I am bored.
I am sleepy.
I have music playing,
But even noise can't bring me back...
to unsleepiness.

I am at work.
But I am 1 pc.
I am alone.
So cold, So lonely, so bored.
My mouth is bored.
My tongue is frozen.
Can I scream?
No no no no no
Because Lola's at the other side.
With a list of noisy and lazy girls.
or potential candidates for kick-out.

I only have Mich,
But lo and behold.
There's a green wall between us.
Oh no, Arnold's my other half..of the wall.
Okay maybe not.

Alfred's here.
But so what? He doesn't talk.
He's like a mime,
or maybe a bee when he's wearing that giant headset.
I turn around,
and he too is gone.

My ym's quiet too.
Since the Row 4 extended's awfully quiet--
Semi-work, Semi-chat, Semi-yawn.
Vian said, "Save me"
She's drowning of sleepiness.
I can hear her yawn from here.
Or maybe that's me after all.

Where are you Row 4 girls,
when I needed you?


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