Driving 101

So, I just finished my 6 hours crash course in driving. My mom persuaded me to enroll in A1 so I could learn the basics and just learn on my own afterwards. The instructors I met said that they rarely allow 1st time drivers to take their refresher course. Well, I was pretty sure I could finish the course without a scratch or without killing anyone. So... I was excited.

I admit I was nervous on my 1st day. My instructor brought me to a subdvision to practice there and for a crash course again (lecture this time). After 30 mins. of driving around, and semi-perfecting the right and left turn, he then brought me to a busier street. Well, I hated him for leading me somewhere super traffic! I felt deceived. We spent almost 20 mins. of my precious time there. It's P600 per hour ya know! First gear-brake-gas-brake-SHIT. He's also texting all the time (the story behind his texting will follow later).

On my 2nd day, I was taught by a different instructor. I liked him more. He's more calm and nice and semi-trusts me. Haha. He taught me how to drive uphill, downhill and some more good stuffs I don;t know the translation in english. After an hour and a half he asked me to stop the car so he could smoke, I went with him. Then he told me the story behind the other instructor. That he just separated from his wife and is wooing her back. Blah blah blah, I didn't really care. Hahaha!

It's funny how they both got this P and F syndrome. Maybe it's a requirement. Heehee! "Level that wifer (wiper) with the line" Chever chever. It stopped being funny when I nearly ran over a kid, coz I can't hear them or I swear I heard a different word.

On my last day, they asked me if I wanted to extend my lessons, but I chose not to. I am pretty sure I would learn more when I'm on my own or when taught by my Dad or Uncle. Besides, I am certain they would probably die of heart attack. As they ask me not to "overtake" (i heard that a lot of times), or to step on the brakes, or to stop not to close from the car in front of me, or not to play with the steering wheel, or to steer away from pedestrians (coz they said it's inevitable, there are really lots of people not walking on the sidewalks haha), etc. etc.

But unlike Kathy I would not call pedestrians "Demons". Hahahaha! Well, I was one too! And forever will be. ;) TAXI!!!

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