We (at the office) are presently working on a big project, it is sooo important that our CEO want us to finish the whole thing by Feb. 14. Hence, MISSION CODENAME: Valentine's Day Massacre. And just by the sound of it, it already scares me to death. Haha kiddin'. To give you an idea, that's more or less than 30 days to finish pricing of 5000 products and cleaning 170 product subcategories. So now, Valentines Day sucks more than it ever did before (I am not a big V-day fan, makes me gag), and I! I...officially hate Christmas. For me, celebrating Christmas would just cut my deadline short. People...work really does beat me out of my system and sucks all of my sunshiney energy within. Now I rant..and rant..and rant..and panic! Even my boss is telling me to chill. I can't chill! That's freaking unfair. How can I chill when they constantly ask me for updates and those other shits. Argh!!!! So even with the sudden change of temperature, I cannot seem to get into the Holiday cheer.

BUT THIS! THIS, brought me closer to feeling Christmassy again. Haha. "YOU"!!! Thank you for the uber gorgeous gift. And as I've said, you shouldn't have. And I could go on and on, yakking away that you should have bought me something else or that I would be happy if you just gave me a box of brownies or whatsoever. Or fooling me into actually opening your closet to get and try on that "military cap" (which I totally fell for, darn im so gullible) only to find out there was none. :P You, for being extremely thoughtful, well more than thoughtful I wanna hate you sometimes haha... Thank you.:) I'd see you in a week! Loves.:)

* Motorcycle Jacket from Mango!:) But still you should have given me a box of whatever!!! :)

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