It's Aiza's bday today! Woohhoo!!! And as if the heaven's heard, our boss didn't show up for work. Haha, kiddin'. Mich bought flowers and cake and those sticky letter thingy for Aiza's suprise.

Yesterday, I went to LTO to renew my student's license since I've enrolled in A1 driving school. Classes would start next week. It sucks that the license costs more than it did last week. Fuck. And that fuckin' retard who helped me process my permit fooled me into paying P100 for my picture (heller it's included na pala sa fee). Ok na din since i didn't line up and didn't wait too long. But still! Argh. I attended a 2 hours lecture last Monday at SM Marikina. Even with a slight hangover and a floating mindstate. Haha. Our lecturer could pass as a stand-up comedian. He's like a cartoon character that I want to cage him and bring him here in the office for our own laughing trip/amusement. Wahaha.

So... I am excited coz we'll be having a few days off for our Thanksgiving Holiday. Yey! And I'm excited for our Bacolod trip on December. It has been ages since I visited my family there. Last time I went there was when my favorite Lolo died. I'm excited to see my cousins and titas there. I wonder how they would react since I 'm pretty sure they all know by now that I'm a lil gay. A lil. Ahaha! And now that I am bangin'! (as in literally, because of my bangs). But the main reason why Im excited is because my lola doesn't know we're coming. :) I'm certain she'll be ecstatic.:)

So... my car is still with her doctor. Still being treated for minor shits. I still haven't thought of a cute name for her. Aha! I'll name her "midnight". Wala lang pakialam mo gusto ko?! Hahaha!

I miss my lil home in Shaw. :)

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