Post Halloween: I heart Go-Go!

At first I was reluctant to particiapte in our office Halloween party. Since the theme this year is Cosplay/Anime I thought, what the hell this floor's gonna look like it has been invaded with Japanese school girls. When I think of Anime I only think of Sailormoon-ish costume, who would dare wear Piccolo? or Majinbu? Right?! Hahaha! Anne also keeps on sending me pictures of anime characters we could imitate, mostly of school girl types. So 4 days before our party as I tried browsing online for any potential costume to wear (expecting there was none), I found one that I felt suits me. Haha, well..it's still school girl-ish, but a bad ass one!!! Perfect. Coz the last thing I wanted to do was play pacharming and patweetums in a "wala lang" so ordinary school girl outfit. At least this has angas factor noh! And you can set me apart from others coz this character has attitude, like me! Haha! Angal?

So anyway I decided to portray GoGo Yubari of Killbill. Fierce!!! Anyway, her outfits easy to find. I wouldn't have to buy a P5K customized costume (right Hans? haha!). I texted my girlfriends to borrow a blazer (Aiza lent me her mom's blazer and it fits perfectly! I love it.). A day before the party I still don't have a skirt and I had to think hard on how to improvise her signature weapon. So I ran to megamall. I bought a white knee socks, 3 meters of red ribbon, a silver christmas ball (gosh haha) and dog chain. I wasn't able to find a skirt so I texted my girlfriends to make them bring any skirts they have haha (thanks anne for the cute skirt:P).

So here's me... as my favorite villainess. Haha. Hope I gave the character justice. :P I might have substituted her white nike rubbershoes (baduy lng for my standards haha and not sexy) over a pair of black pumps but still most people guessed it right! Haha.. yeah yeah, it must be the bangs. :P

* Aiza is Lucky Star (not Sailormoon okay! haha). And Anne's a charcter from Final Fantasy (still can't remember her name! Lena?Lea?Lei?Lae? haha).

...i can't not smile. Sorry. I'm the most sunshiney villainess EVER. :P

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