STYLE ICON: Rachel Bilson

My cousin RJ, who's obviously a guy, a big guy, once asked me... "Where do you get your style inspirations?". I got surprised by his question, didn't know affected sha eh haha. As if naman I'm super fashionable. Haha! So I told him, "Sweetie, it's just natural. Innate." LOL Seriously, well as I've said dressing up makes me happy (right Aiza?) but as much as I would like to say I inspire myself, haha, that's not always the case. I oftentimes check www.celebritystyleguide.com and www.whowhatwear.com for some "ideas". I only check out a few celebrities when it comes to fashion and dressing up: Lindsay Lohan (hate her all you want but the girl has style), Nicole Richie, Hillary Duff, Nicky HIlton (i'm not a Paris fan), Lauren Conrad (hate her but she's got cute style) , Olsen twins (their grunge outrageously stylish look rocks) and my ultimate it-girl Rachel Bilson. I just love her. She could wear a rag and make it look stylish. Remember that gladiator heels she wore (the tan one) that got mixed reviews? Well, lots ofpeople are now sporting the look.

Because of her huge following (style wise) , Rachel collaborated with DKNY jeans and came up with her own collection: Edie Rose. I'm lovin' it!

... how could she make everything look right? She does look "shitty" sometimes but the ratio of probability is 1:1,000,000. Argh.

*check out celebrity looks at celebritystyleguide.com*

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