Non-Comatose Saturday

Since, I'm having a hard time sleeping these past few days, surprisingly I got up earlier than usual (usual being SUNDAY!) today. Before 8 I already texted my bestfriend if he's going to 6th but then after a few minutes my mom (my constant 6th avenue companion) arrived, bummer. Guess I would have to move my trip to Q.C. tomorrow. And so, with nothing to do and with much time on hand, I decided to rent some dvds and buy some food and snacks. An hour later I got home, with 3 dvds on hand, 1 beef pares meal (with my fave chili sauce!), 1 tokwa't baboy, 2 lucky me spicy hot noodles, a pack of cigs, red iced tea, and Hello Panda. I am ready to fight...dvd marathon that is. Haha. Since our sofa's in some place...where the sofa doctor is .. I can't seat on anything. So I dragged the P100 mat my sister bought in 168, a sleeping bag, got my food and sat on the floor. I am excited. Haha.

The first movie I decided to watch is "The History Boys", it's some kinda comedy revolving around the lives of a group of smart hot kids (haha) who all wanted to get into Cambridge and Oxford.

--"There is no such thing as General Studies. General Studies is a waste of time. Knowledge is not general, it is specific. But remember, all knowledge is precious whether or not it serves the slightest human use."

...that's the last line I was able to listen to as I'm now drooling as I dreamt of Roger Rabbit and some people..WTF the movie's dead boring! Except for some significant scenes..

--"I am small. I am a Jew. I am a homosexual. I live in S---(something). I'm fucked."

Well, I didn't make it to disc 2. NEXT!!!

I'm now on my next movie: i(heart)huckabees. It's supposed to be an offbeat comedy that centers around a local poet & activist who hired detectives to investigate the meaning of 3 coincidences that could hold the meaning of life. I'd now have to watch, judgement later. :P I hope it doesn't disappoint. I seriously need some laughs!

..."Everything is the same even if it seems different. We are all connected."

...well, I loved the film. It is kinda twisted (in a lighter way), satire like, but I loved it. Aside from the fact, that it tackles environmental issues (Lily this is for yout!), it also focuses on human connection and relationships, love, fate, life.

It's now 1 am and I am feeling a little sleepy again. Argh. Still have 1 more dvd to go. But i think I'd leave that out for now. On the other hand! I could just watch Mamma Mia (thanks tetel).

(cue) Last part of the last movie's credits scrolling on my tv screen (in my most Shakespear-ish voice) :

"How am I not myself?"

..*sighs* Signs Off.

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