I'm not coming to work tonight. And it's because I wasn't able to sleep. I have been lying in bed for almost 7 hours (imagine that!) trying my best..pretending I'm in lalalala dreamland, then even the tiniest sound would totally bring me back to this freakin' insomniac world. I totally felt like I downed 10 cups of coffee. Well, it's worse than that. I've tried everything, changing my boxers, surrounding myself with pillows, eating (coz I thought it might only be due to hunger), I've almost hummed to all the songs in my mp3 player, and I swear even with my eyes closed I was still singing and banging in my head. So I thought it has strongly something to do with Algene's birthday, I believed I would finally be able to sleep when her cupcakes (my surprise apparently) get delivered. But after talking to her, and even when she said it was fucking awesome, when I got back to bed I just laid there...stoned. So upon getting up, at around 10, I texted my boss. There's no way I would be able to last the whole day with no sleep. I can go to work but I would end up drooling over my paperworks..or my keyboard. Oh fuck, I miss merch. I miss the days when I can just lay on my table and drool to death over fairy dreams and shits. When my boss would even say sorry..just for waking me up. Haha! Merch Life.

So anyway, I've never had a hard time sleeping. Even after drinking coffee I can lull myself to oblivion that is sleep. BUT NOT TODAY. What's fucking wrong?! Aaargh! My mom (my ever supportive mom) gave me an anti-histamine med (iterax) just to help me sleep. I have been looking for my fucking valiums but I guess my mom threw it away. An hour later (after drinking meds), I still feel..well, high. Alive and high Arrrgh!

Well, I hope this is because that girl in Dubai can't stop thinking about me.

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