what's up with me.

I am high on something today. Must be the oil from the foods I've been eating. My head is throbbing like crazy! I just feel happy today. And liberated. And yeah, high. Found out I lost a piece of my necklace. It won't ever be complete without it! :c It's like my kryptonite. And now, I'm slowly dying. Uh, not really. Well aside from that I was also high on irritation towards a certain person. That's when Aiza started singing then I started laughing. I love Aiza! I would totally marry her if only she's gay. Haha! Which will never happen in a million lifetime. We talked about it though! But only to lessen our tax payables. So anyway, I love Aiza not because she's loud like me but because she's always as natural as she can be... same with Lily and Tricia. :) I love the Row 4 girls. (Oh and I love Mich too. :))

So there, with my necklace mishap I also forgot to log out of our biometrics. And when I got home I nearly broke our gate. My mom just laughed at me. I just told her I'm uber sleepy.

So there. I really have nothing to blog about. But I'll give a reward to anyone who could give me back my heart (crystal heart).

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