Online Shopping: Part 4

My quest for party clothes started after our last gimik in Absinth. I had to turn my closet inside and out, and scout for a nice dress in 2 malls to find something gimik appropriate to wear. My gimik clothes are outdated and all I have are sunday dresses (right Aiza? haha. So now, I'm on a quest, yes an actual quest, and stock on party wears. My first find is a cute dress from ebay from my favorite seller Wengpot! :) It's a PRP tea for two Estella dress tagged for P1500, which I was only able to buy for P320! It might not be the perfect fit for me but that's easy. I always have Manang to repair my clothes. Haha.

My latest online buy, the one in my previous blog, was not that nice. Oh well, you win some you lose some. I could sell it again anyway. My friend Lydia just messaged me if I would like to come to Ascend next week. So...on to my next buy! Honey... clothes are investment. Remember that!

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