LSS (OPM): Neon by Spongecola

Your smile is gently freezing
Snow throws it away
You're the laughter in my silence
The cold that keeps me awake
Green towel less soft spoken
Thoughts you never knew
Your lies and empty promises
Blew them all on hue.

How does it feel?
How is it that I can feel?
coz I, I need to know.

coz I, I know I can never be enough
to replace your whatever
and I, I think it's shiny and blue
like a lens that see through
coz I, I know I can never be enough
to replace your whatever
now everything is silent,
and everything is still without you near.

Everything about you
the world was something new
and I was there at the open
well just to be with you
but every time I see the shelter
and every time I walk away
you're the laughter in my silence
the cold that feeds my day.

and every time I see you passing by
I'll just stand here waiting for you
and I will talk to myself on a lazy Sunday afternoon
and I'll still say that prayer for you
i'll be a little bit kind enough
while trying to be so perfect you'll see
and nothing can compare to
whatever lies out there.

there's no one here.
there's no one here.

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