Weekend Eating Spree

So, my weekend started with an eating spree. Aside from my Banchetto panic buys on a Saturday morning (which consisted of baconsilog, bbq, cake, and red egg), I also met up with my family for lunch. We ate at CAUSEWAY in Libis. It's a chinese resto we've been eating in even way back my RDS days. Well, it was just across the street. I love eating out with my crazy familia..and this time my autistic brother went with them! We ordered chicken feet (which I didn't eat), shrimp dumplings (which I also didn't eat haha), sweet&sour something (people..i always have a hard time identifying pork from chicken), and spicy spareribs. I was so hungry I ended up being the last to put down my chopstix. Haha. Well, aside from my monster stomach, there was also chili sauce. And I'm a sucker for chili sauce. I can eat any meal with chili sauce. So there, the food is great! I am not a fan of chinese food, but yeah the food there is delicious. The price however is not that cheap, and also not that expensive. More or less it was P400 per head. Thanks to my parents for the free lunch. Himala hindi KKB! Hahaha!

* i wasn't able to take a picture of the main course. Hihi. Kc gutom nga duuuh.
* Welcome back to the family Joot (my retard brother)! Wahahaha.
* And here we are smoking outside after eating like monsters. Ay, ako lang pala yun.

Well, now my sister, her bf and I just got home from another food expedition. This time we went to a resto at the back of SDS hospital. I forgot the name, but I'll ask MIles (my sister's bf) tomorrow. :) This place is situated in a secluded area in Marikina, but you'll be suprised that lots of people eat here. Awhile back, some people had to stand to wait for an available table. Good for us we went there earlier when the place was still half-full coz once you get caught in their food traffic, expect your food to come 15-20 mins. after. Well, I don't blame them coz the food is soooo good! at very reasonable prices. I ordered Arrabiata (spicy pasta; I tell you, it tastes just like Pasto's..for half the price-- P120) and spicy chicken wings (tastes like TGIF's buffalo wings only for P80). My sister bought a White Cheese Pizza (8 slices for only P120), Bangusilog, and Ametriciana (a red sauce pasta with olive oil and bacon, I wasn't able to taste it but I bet it rocks--priced at P120). We ordered bottomless iced tea (my sister and I shared and the waiter was nice enough to refill our glass every 10 mins) and chilled milk (1 tall glass for P35!) And oh, we just loooooove their cheesecake!!! It's the best cheesecake I've tasted EVER. And it's only P80 per slice! I could just live here.

* White cheese pizza HEAVEN. :) And it's freshly cooked.

They still have a lot on their menu, next time I would try their smoothies (chocolate/strwaberry shake with whip cream). Maybe their tuna pesto (it looked yummy! I looked like a pesto stalker as our next table neighbor finished hers). Also, their baconsilog (i'm a bacon addict), margarita pizza, and their nachos (which was like a flood of nachos! It's that many I swear--only for P120).

I can't wait to be back there. Go and visit our little food paradise. :)

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