ONLINE SHOPPING: My next target!

I've been chasing the seller for a day. I guess that's what happens when your online store becomes sooo popular and in demand. Well, they posted an advisory that they will be back in track soon. But, I can't wait to get my hand on this fab shirt! I'll also buy one for Algn.:)

Presenting, Seafoamfashion's PRIDE Shirt. I'd definitely definitely wear this on the streets..or just about anywhere. :P Gay Pride?! Hahaha!

* The neon print - P350* Regular color print - P300 (model customized her own shirt).

This shirt is only available in 4 Unisex sizes. XS-L. So it depends on you how you'd alter yours . :) I love what the girl (she's pretty too!) did to her shirt! :)


*pics from seafoamfashion.multiply.com

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