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Well, as you all know I love online shopping (it's the most convenient invention ever--saves time and energy!). Haller it's a new brainer! Read my previous posts. So anyway, a long long time ago (haha approximately 2 years ago) before the multiply shops ' economic boom (i just looove using this word haha) I was already addicted to Ebay. Well, for one stuffs there are cheaper, especially the branded ones. I even got the whole (well almost everyone haha) B-merch into the ebay bidding craze. Before I proceed, let me give a shout-out to Yen, my #1 ebay follower. Hi Yen! Well, she was able to purchase numerous dresses and trench coats that served it's purpose when she flew to Canada after she got married. :) So... I love ebay because this is where I get to purchase a nice unused black pumps for only a hundred bucks! Cool huh?! There are hundreds of sellers in ebay and there were just some special ones that really caught my fancy. And my top favorite is a vintage clothing store (based in the US) named: LULLIEVINTAGE.

As I've said all items are in the US. The prices are in dollars. The item's starting bid are usually low. Very tempting! I swear I've been tempted numerous times.But then with just a day or two left before the auction ends the prices rocket way up to almost P5K+++ for just one dress! And I wouldn't burn 5K for a dress I know I would find in our local ukay-ukay store. Still! I admire the unique pieces of clothing they're selling, and I admire how their models bring the pieces to life. And I just love how they make outrageous pieces, wearable! With just the right accs and shoes. I sooo love vintage! I usually check this store out for some style inspirations. Here are some of the items currently available for auction (slash bidding) in their fab store.

* I'm so in love with the wool capelet (1st pic). *swoons* And yeah I admit, I currently have this addiction to anything plaid. :P See how their models work it! :) I'd totally marry them. Haha. And here's more...

* ... where can I ever find something similar to that green emboidered babydoll minidress! And the floral babydoll dress (1st pic). I have to check out all the thrift stores I can go to. :P

And here are some "outrageous" pieces that only these pretty girly models (I'm saying this out of pure adoration) can carry. Oh ruffles, sequins, laces, garters...eeeek! Would you wear these?! Can you?! Crazy.

* I can maybe wear outfit #2 and #4 but the rest... I'd rather be dead than be caught wearing 'em. But see how it still UNFAIRLY looks cute on the models (again said with overflowing adoration).

Now this.. this ensemble reminds me sooo much of my seatmate Aiza. See why... :)

...parang may resemblance talaga. Good job Aiz! Hehe!:)

For the last batch of clothes--hmm, they're also pretty cute BUT I'd probably have a hard time thinking where and when I'm gonna wear them. All except for the plaid oversized bf polo and sweater that I'd probably wear any day. But I'd say they're all pretty. :)

So there, if you have the time and the money/PAYPAL ('coz I only got time but no money! HAHA!), check out their ebay store. Here's the pathway to vintage heaven!



  1. wow! thank you SO SO SO much. glad you love what we do. :)

  2. I super love your site! I'll be checking it more often for more style inspirations. And I wish I'd finally be able to buy something from you. Lol. But,Thank you!Spread more vintage love!:)

  3. hehe. you're too cute!! thanks again sweetie. don't forget to visit our new site - www.everythingstyle.com :)

  4. definitely!:) checking it out now talk about excited haha. Thanks super!:)

  5. yay! p.s. you'll notice a familiar link in our links love

  6. wooooow thanks for putting me in your fab site!:) I love your blog! another blog i'd check everyday and get addicted to. haha. Loves!:)

  7. Hey been following your blog everyday! :) Favor pls? I recently changed my blog name, can you update my link in your links to love? Pretty please?:)

    Here's the new link:



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