a trip to our local video store

After work, I went to a pawnshop near our place to GCASH my payment for a mineral concealer I purchased from Mia. (Plugging muna) If you're looking for an uber nice concealer minus the chemicals contact Mia of Beautypod (beautypod.multiply.com) she's selling Luminare Mineral Make-up and I just love the mineral concealer (shade: caramel) because it's light to the skin and doesn't come off easily. It's also easy to blend to the skin. But I prefer using it with a liquid concealer for a more luminous effect. A 3g jar (worth P500) is super worth it since it lasts for more than 6 months. So there, I don't mind letting go of P500 if it means hiding my annoying under eye circles (uugh stress!). And no Joie, it's not chinchanzu! Boo!

So there, I then decided to pass by our local video store, Evideos (kainis wala na kasing videocity boo) to rent some dvds. So I was browsing through some shelves when suddenly the staffs acted freakishly kinikilig as 2 guys entered the store. I looked at the first guy who went in, thought what the heck he's not even that cute, then continued my cd browsing. I turned around to look at the other shelf when I caught a glimpse of the other guy. It was Gerald Andersen. Soooo, that's why! But suprisingly, the other orcs (haha!) in the store didn't pin him down for some picture or autograph. WOW. And I, I was trying hard not to look at him again. Eew baka sabihin niya fanatic ako! Haha. I also resisted my urge to text my sister, which I did anyway. She has a huge crush on him Haha! So I browsed some more (darn I can't find anything new and interesting to rent!), so I opted to rent 2 cds of The Simpsons. Haha. I headed for the counter and I was still trying not to look at him (even though he's just standing beside the counter)! Well, I admit he IS kinda cute even in sweaty basketball outfit with a towel on his head. BUT, I still didn't feel any kind of "kilig" (kala mo mich ah, HA!). And then I exited the premises. So for all you fanatics out there, this is the place to be! (Plugging ulit!) Come drop by Evideos and who knows you might catch your favorite star here! O Aiza malay mo next time si John Lloyd na! Haha.

So there! That's my fun fun morning. It's comatose day! Can't wait.

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