Tricia's Day

I'm still at work and I'm blogging. Haha! So anyway, it's Tricia's birthday today! She just turned 21. Fuck, it means I should start with my midlife crisis ASAP. But then, I am in no crisis! Well, maybe a little bit with a little less guilt (hey everyone deserves to be happy! Especially a girl emotionally drained. If you know what I mean.) I'm happy and YOU know why. (*blush*blush*). My boss asked me once if I am experiencing any midlife crisis, and I told him NO. With full conviction! Well, if I really am there's no way I would lie about it. Age never scared me. Maybe death does, but not age. Coz just like what I said, it is after all just a number. I'm out (bi daw sabi nila vian!), I have a nice job, and I have super fabulously crazzzzy friends, so what else would I ever need? Oh yeah, LOVE. I have that too (BUT I wouldn't elaborate any further since I am over over the top right now). Midlife crisis, it is a disease. It makes one super duper emo...depressed...feeling fucked up...AND confused. AND it even leads to morbid thoughts like Suicide. I have heard some suicide stories wherein the damsel or hamster (? hahaha) in distress are aged 24-28. Darn. Well, so far I'm feeling safe. Although I really have this fear of ledges especially in balconies or rooftops, coz I still don't know what I could do. Haha, seriously. Well, I smoke! And it's the closest I can ever be to being suicidal, right now. So anyway, it's Tricia's day. And so far, it has been fun. Here's our team pix!:)

Just got back from Eastwood for a late breakfast in Heaven N' Eggs with the marketing team plus Shelliefur. And I have a feeling that sometimes I annoy my boss. And I don't fucking care. Ha! Here's Twisha with her cute cake! (From lily and mich).

Need to sleep ASAP, I still have 2 parties to go to later. And Aiza! It's only because I love my friends (and cousin) so much! Oo cge na kasama ka na dun. :P Weh.

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