Week1: Row 4 STYLE File!

So... since we (Aiza, Twisha, Anne, Vian, Kathy) are the only few people who dress up in the office I decided that I'll start posting our office fashion pics here every week. It's not super fab though (you might expect too much) but believe me it's within our office's dressing up standard since most people in the office wear the most comfortable outfits they could probably find in their closet (which is good) but we on the other hand prefer to sacrifice for vanity. Aiza and I talked about it, coz some people might perceive us as "maarte" and I know some may not like us at all (as confirmed by Shellie in which I don't give a fuck), but we both agreed that this is just our way of making ourselves happy and a little motivated to go to work everyday. Since we work at night most of the time we just stay home and sleep during weekends so we really don't have the chance to wear all our clothes. And what's wrong with making some effort to look "better" even if no one will really see them? So I would like to share how we try and raid our closet everyday. For this week, here's what we wore (I was not able to take Vian and Anne's pic):

*My best laid-back cowboy inspired outfit. Cowboy plaid top from Lefacionez.multiply.com, white deep v-neck shirt from Ebay (American Apparel), long beaded cross necklace from a HS friend, jeans from Swish and orange pumps from ate-kuya in 168!:)

* White pleated schoolgirl top from my HS friend's online store nitaclothing.multiply.com, gray pleated skirt from a thrift shop in Cubao (aka the fuck skirt sabi nga ni Algn), Pink pumps from Juan. (AIZA where did you get your outfit? Share mo din! I love it it's so vintage!)

* Tricia's Bday aka prom night sabi ni Kit - Blue dress from Tantease.multiply.com, Yellow peeptoe flats from ate-kuya 168! Reversible blue-black drop earrings from 168 that I got for P80! They love it!:) I also love Tricia's dress! She looks so fresh and pretty in it. I love the cut too. AND her white glads so fab (which she got from Primadonna) although I know I would not be able to pull that one off hehe. But she did effortlessly anyway. Aiza looks uber hot as usual. She's the only person I know who could pull off wearing super short dresses and clothes without looking trashy. I love her shimmery kimono dress/tunic and her yellow pumps. So flambouyant (in Algn's term).:)

Tune in for more pics this week!:) Although I have a feeling I'd probably dress down for days.

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