Tricia & Aisa goes to 168

Our original plan was to leave at around 8 but since we are late sleepers we also woke up late, so my sister and I had to hurry up so we could leave our house by 10 and get there by 11. So of course we had to prepare our "wag-mukhang-sosyal-o-may-pera" look. And this is the best we came up with: Thanks to my mom for our Lesportsac sling bags!

* Good Morning look, picture muna bago magsampay ng basang towel. Haha.

We rode the LRT to get to Recto station. Then from there rode a Divisoria bound jeepney. After about 10 mins. we got off near Tutuban Mall. Aaaah, 168! Shopping! Our first stop was in our special secret (but not so secret) shoe store. Kathy and I fondly call it "Ate-Kuya's store". This is where you'll find nice shoes from China or Korea that you will not normally find in 168 mall, St. Francis or elsewhere. The designs are more unique and more cutting edge. Naks cutting edge daw o. Haha. We bought 7 pairs of shoes (I tell you my head was spinning from excitement!), so yeah we got a good deal (our negotiation training in merch pays off especially in shooping sprees!). Paid only P1500 for everything. That's only one pair of shoes from Schu or Janylin or anywhere in the mall! We just love love love Ate-Kuya. :) After that I bought 3 more flat shoes from another store (see pic, its the yellow, black and d blue one in front hehe) for P660. Okay, MAYBE I am a little shoe crazy. Afterwards, we entered the 168 mall which was packed, as in PAKSHIT (!!!) with lotsa people. I got tired trying not to get dizzy from the swarm of people and tired from trying to box out everyone! We ate at the food court and boy was I hungry!!! Parang PG na pasosyal. Haha. Since we only discovered later that there are nice fastfood restos on the other side (like Wendys, Tokyo2, Chowking, Mcdo) I opted to eat sizzling t-bone steak and adobong eggplant (haha pasosyal) plus extra rice! Well I didn't finish everything but I got so bloated afterwards.

After our one hour deadline (since my sister's bf was already waiting for her at home) my purchases (aside from the shoes) got down to 2 cellphone pouches, accessories, 4 undies, 1 dress (which we bought outside and a lot cheaper), plus some more I can't remember. Hehe. Well I took some pics! Enjoy! The wonders of 168!

* our new shoes!
* my favorite from the bunch. A nice black wedge! It's so cute and comfy! Sorry sa nailpolish ko d ko pa naayos. Haha.
* i heart my orange slingback. :)
* gray booties I bought (although it would have been nicer in black). I don't know why I bought this and where I'm gonna use it, but I paid for it anyway. Haha.
* some of the accs I bought! Bought the necklaces for P75! And the earrings for only P80 each! The glam bangle for P50. :)

There are more fasyon treasures there waiting to be discovered. So, who wants to go on my next adventure?:)

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