Boiling Point Two

How long can a girl wait? How long 'til she gets drained from all the hurt, pain and frustration this love brings? How long could she ever contain this soul that has been breaking free since the day she realized she deserves better? Her spirit is lost. Her spirit has been lost since the day she looked her in the eye and gave her heart away. Like a fallen angel.. unguarded and tangled, she waits for the silver lining. With just a slight flicker of hope left, she prays... things might still change. She might still change. Soon, she hopes that person realizes how much she's worth everything. Because she knows, she is worth everything. And how much her LOVE saves, and beautifies and brings joy.

But for now, she is still blinded. With her own hopes and dreams. She still doesn't see the girl by the sidewalk anxiously waiting for her. Waiting for a slight glimpse from her. So that when the day comes the cycle breaks, when she finally sees her and appreciates her, that girl would come running into her arms. Thankful and rejoicing that all the hurt and the pain has reaped good love.

When? :c

Current mood: SAD. and crying. ;c

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