HS Life: Nostalgic CHEERING outfits!

I was fixing my room and going through some stuffs when I came across my cheering costumes (i swear all the pompoms I used are still around here somewhere). Haha! I suddenly got ecstatic and felt nostalgic as I pulled them out of my old stuffs box. I wondered if it still fits me and guess what?! It did!!! So I scampered and got my mom's cam and took a picture. Thought I'd share them with you guys. :P

* First year - I had no plans of joining the cheering squad since I'm scared of auditions. But one day, I got a call..an invitation, to join the team since they heard I was doing ballet classes back then. The first thing I asked was if I still had to do the audition thing, and they said no. Tough luck! Haha. So anyway, cheering competition is the biggest thing during our yearly Sportsfest. No one really cared if we won the other sports category, it was this competition that really gets everyone's adrenaline pumping high. Surprisingly, as rookies we beat the batch higher than us which during that time is already a big thing. :)

* Sophomore year - Jac (hi jac!) was our captain throughout my cheering years and she did an excellent job. She is a crazy crazy girl (until now and i miss her!) but when it comes to practices she becomes this other person, a professional cheering monster (haha in a good way). We really worked our asses off just to perfect our routines that we forgot to have our costume made!This outfit was formulated only weeks before the actual competition that's why it's not that fabulous but it's still not that bad.:) We won 1st place this year! My sister's batch (they're in their 4th year that time) was named champion. :)

our cheerdance routine!!!Tipak was named after guess who? hahaha! Jac kc eh!:P

* Junior high - Now this was the time we got really really serious with our practices. Have you watched the movie Bring it On? Well, the scenario was definitely like that. There were a lot of dramas, fighting (also with the other batch), spying during practices (of other batches), and other stuffs. It was crazy! Lunch or recess was never about food, it was spent mostly on practicing. After classes we pratice more. That was the time I barely get to see my family since I go to practice early in the morning (like 6 am!) and I get home super late. As a team, we also had to watch ESPN (cheering competition...altogether) to learn new routines and see how it's done, so we could perform and construct them later. We were coached by Donna (hi donna!) one of the cheerleaders from the winning team the year before. And as our coach she was damn good....and I was scared of her! Our stunts got harder and our dance routines more complicated. After each day I got bruises, and "bukols!" and muscle pains. I think I bought all the Salonpas (and Redbull!) at Mercury. Haha! I fell from a pyramid we're constructing once while practicing at Marikina Sports Center and after falling I swear I got semi-paralyzed I wasn't able to move for 15 secs! It also got Jessie's outh bleeding (sorry) hehe. Some of our friends from the Pep Squad panicked and ran to Mcdo to get some ice only to find me up on the pyramid again 10 secs. later. I had a swollen neck for 2 weeks after that fall. This was also the year I got a blackeye c/o Chic-C. Haha! I will never forget that! Coz it got me a gf (haha). Well we were playing around and she hit me right below the right eye with her bony elbow. And I had that blackeye until our CEAP Cheering Exhibition at Xavier School. And I could actually see people looking at it. Haha hilarious!

So there kumbaga sa economic boom, this year was our cheerdancing boom. Haha. This year we competed in the Johnson N' Johnson cheering competition at Makati Coliseum. Going there I ate 2 pcs. of hardboiled egg coz I was sooo hungry and a hungry girl can't you know, cheer. Haha. So we were waiting at the bleachers since we're still waiting for the other teams to arrive, and were so annoyed because we were sitting between Roosevelt Sumulong and Roosevelt Q.C. and they were shouting curse words at each other. I didn't get it. Since you know they came from the same family, so we were trying to contain our laughter. 30 mins. away from our performance we heard a news that one of our drumstick was broken, apprently sabotaged by Holyspirit girls. Haha. I don;t know if it's true but they were throwing evil glances at us. Whatever, they didn't have to, afterall they were sponsored by Adidas (since Danica Sotto's part of their team) and they're wearing the same shoes...and we're wearing our white unbranded sneakers. Haha! With all the commotion and noise and nervousness I started to feel my stomach's deadly churn. I had to let it out. So I asked one of my friends to go with me to the CR. After my ritual, someone shouted for our names, when we got in the stadium we found everyone on the floor and my PE teacher looked so furious since they cant start because we were missing. Haha! Well, we finished the show and eventhough we were not proclaimed as champions (of course it went to HolySpirit duh) we were happy it was over. Afterwards, we headed to another practice, we still had another competition the next day (total exhaustion!) for GamePlan and it was televised. I can't remember if we won but I think we did. I was too exhausted to remember (til now haha).

So back to our Sportfest, that year we were proclaimed as champions.:) It was announced during our monday assembly and together with my other teammates I wasn't able to contain my tears. Haha. All my dieting, practicing under the scorching heat of the sun, our sweat, musclepains and other pains including lovelife sacrifices paid off. :) We were asked to compete again in JnJ but we turned it down since we all decided we needed some time for other things...like our lovelifes. Haha!

I lost my 4th year costume (Louchie ibalik mo na!). Haha! It was our last year in the squad. But we still practiced much for our Sportfest. Champions.:)

I will always miss this chapter of my life. But beyond that, I will always miss the people I shared long hours with (all 4 years), laughters, smiles, frowns, tears, disappointments, excitement, anticipations, frustrations, lovelifes (hahaha kulet lang), bisyos (wink wink), blackeyes (haha), and more... truly one of the best times of my life. :)

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