Last night was any other work night. BORING. But that's before Anne and Vian "persuaded" us to go with them to Gerry's to "celebrate Ramadan". Hahaha! By the way, we're all Christians. At first, we were a bit hesistant since you know our boss is kinda crazy, and us gone for an hour could be a BIG issue. But when my boss accidentally spilled his coffee on his pants (more on the crotch area) we found out they're gonna have an executive meeting. So, we suddenly felt hopeful. Haha. And then through divine "alcoholic god" intervention, he was called in the meeting. So we took that as an opportunity to push through with our plan. And even if it was (it still is) raining, we just grabbed some umbrellas and off we went...to Gerry's. So with Anne,Vian,Aiza,Twisha,Lily and Mich we grabbed some breakfast then drank green mango margarita. Divine!!! I don't know if it's the right mix of alcohol and fruit or if I just really missed drinking. Haha. I love it. So after an hour we headed back and tough luck, the meeting's still running. SO, I tried working despite of my semi-tipsyness. Haha! They thought I was drunk. Umm.. NO. Sorry. :P

That's why I miss my Pier 6th friends. I only got soooo drunk... as in stoned drunk with them. And I swear, you would not want to see me drunk. According to witnesses (haha) I speak annoying english when I'm drunk. I also do excessive hand, feet, and body movements. My voice range also increases 2 octaves higher (imagine that!) it's migraine inducing. Once, I got soo drunk in Off the Grill I wasn't even able to reach Joint's (starring Pau of Pinoy idol naks haha, Odj, Borns, Mike) 2nd set. And in the cab I was trying my fucking best not to drown the floor with foreign food and drink particles (more commonly known as "suka" hahaha), good thing I brought my huge scarf/hanky with me. I tried to gag myself. But As the taxi screeched to a halt in front of my Lola's house in Q.C, it all came pouring out. Hahaha! So I was literally dragged by my friends to the CR. Haha. There were "particles" in my hair, clothes, everywhere. Haha! And the funny thing was, I still went out (where my other friends were) and made a total fool of myself as they laughed their ass off...still because of the particles. So going back to the annoying things I do and did, on top of the list which I was never proud of... was me acting like I'm high on love pills. Haha! I'll just leave out the details. But almost all the time, I regret it the day after. (but not the last ;P) And last but not the least, passed out...wasted...stoned...I once lost my cellphone and ipod. And they were just beside me, BESIDE ME! I didn't even notice! I could have been raped, and I still wouldn't notice. Tsk. One time during our pier 6th outing in Batangas I almost lost my phone AGAIN after it got buried in the sand. And the worst part out of the whole wasted thing, are the hang-overs. It's the worst feeling in the world. And I tell myself everytime that I will never drink again. So here I am...STILL DRUNK. And high, every single day. :P

So yeah, you would not want to see me drunk. Believe me. My cousin Chollo, my private nurse, would second the motion. His shirt, the one they changed me with last Christmas (when I wasn't even able to reach 12am to greet families and friends since I was too wasted to stand and get up from sleeping on the sink), is still with me. :P

Just imagine how much pain they had to endure and tolerate when I'm intoxicated. Bad.

And here's me... last Christmas..comatose mode. With my bestfriend Catch.:P

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